Marios Valavanides, PhD

 Professor (Hydraulics and Flow in Porous Media)

Manager, ImProDeProFHydraulics Lab

Dept. Civil Engineering, University of West Attica 

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Fluid mechanics and, in particular, physics and multi-scale modeling of two-phase flow in porous media, continuum mechanics, and mechanics of composite materials. Main research activities are focused on the development of the DeProF theory for steady-state two-phase flow in porous media (Valavanides, 2018).

My current research efforts are towards expanding the fractional flow theory to account for flow rate dependency and towards the recovery of the universal, relative permeability and energy efficiency maps for two-phase flow in porous media. In that context, I am also implementing energy efficiency criteria to develop a normative methodology for the effective characterization of flows (capillary/viscous) and pore networks (rock typing). Updates available at the ImproDeProF webpage.


International Collaborations:


Undergraduate:   @ UniWA: "Fluid Mechanics", "Hydraulics", "Open Channel Hydraulics", "Experimental Hydraulics", "Land Reclamation & Irrigation", "Management of Construction Equipment",  Hydraulics Lab

Postgraduate:   @ Hellenic Open Univ.: "Construction Project Management" ,     @ Engineer Officers’ Technical School (EOTS): "Fluid Mechanics & Applied Hydraulics"

Selected publications (Publication List)

  1. Valavanides, M.S. (2023) “Flowrate Dependency of Steady-State Two-Phase Flows in Pore Networks: Universal, Relative Permeability Scaling Function and System Characteristic Invariants." Transp. in Porous Media 150, 521:557,
  2. Karadimitriou, N., Valavanides, M.S., Mouravas, K., Steeb, H. (2023) "Flow Dependent Relative Permeability Scaling for Steady-State, Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Laboratory Validation on a Microfluidic Network" Petrophysics 64 (5), pp. 656-679,,
  3. Valavanides, M.S., Mascle, M., Youssef, S., Vizika, O. (2020) "Steady-State Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Laboratory Validation of Flow Dependent Relative Permeability Scaling", E3S Web of Conferences 146, 03002, The Intern. Symp. of the Society of Core Analysts, SCA2019,
  4. Valavanides, M.S. (2018) "Review of steady-state two-phase flow in porous media: independent variables, universal energy efficiency map, critical flow conditions, effective characterization of flow and pore network" Transp. in Porous Media 123 (1), pp. 42-99,
  5. Valavanides, M.S. (2018) "Oil fragmentation, interfacial surface transport and flow structure maps for two-phase flow in model pore networks. Predictions based on extensive, DeProF model simulations." Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Rev. IFP Energies nouvelles 73 (6), pp. 1-36, also  
  6. Valavanides, M.S., Daras, T. (2016) “Definition and Counting of Configurational Microstates in Steady-State Two-Phase Flows in Pore NetworksEntropy 18 (054), pp. 1-28,,
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  8. Valavanides, M.S. (2012) “Steady-State Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Review of Progress in the Development of the DeProF Theory Bridging Pore- to Statistical Thermodynamics- ScalesOil & Gas Science and Technology 67(5) pp. 787-804,
  9. Paipetis, S.A., Polyzos, D., Valavanidis, M. (1993) “Constitutive relations of periodic laminated composites with anisotropic dissipation” Archive of Applied Mechanics, 64, pp. 32-43,  




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